French without the fry

I love French fries, I mean really, who doesn’t? They’re probably one of the most delicious treats on the planet, but unfortunately they’re also one of the worst treats when it comes to our health. You’ll likely want to opt for baked “fries.”

It’s about overall diet. Ideally we should enjoy a diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, grains, and legumes, and one that is devoid of processed foods and sugary sodas. Even diet sodas may be harmful as they are laden with sweeteners made from chemicals.

Also very important, according to doctors, is maintaining a healthy weight. If you’ve had the pleasure of eating baked “fries,” you know what a tasty option they are; if not, please give the baked variety a chance.

You can cut some russet potatoes a bit thick and coat them and coat them with a little extra-virgin olive oil, some rosemary, a little salt and pepper and bake them until golden at 350 degrees, usually between 30-35 minutes. You can do the same with sweet potatoes, but use a little cracked black pepper instead of the rosemary. I normally boil my sweet potatoes first for about 15 minutes. They are a lot easier to peel that way. The recipe is in my book, My Italian Kitchen on

There is no reason to give up the foods you love, just find healthier ways to make them. This way of thinking has become my mantra. It could well become yours too, if it isn’t already.

Buona Salute! To Your Health~


Returning guest blogger Janet Zappala is a certified nutritional consultant and author of My Italian Kitchen — Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter & Healthier. She is also a six-time emmy award winning television journalist and the host of Wealth of Health at Janet is a busy mom as well and is always creating ways to offer up delicious, nutritious foods that are quick and easy to make. 

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