A “cool” use for a diaper

Stumbled onto a novel use for a diaper, courtesy of the nursery nurses at Doylestown Hospital. 

Diapersmake a perfect ice pack.  At the end of the diaper which has adhesivetabs, make a hole in  the inner lining.  Push your hand into the diaperto separate the the lining from the back of the diaper.  This will makea pouch.  Put crushed ice into the pouch and roll the end of the diaperwith the hole a couple times.  Secure with adhesive tabs. Now you havea soft, waterproof icepack which will remain cool as the ice melts andis absorbed by the gellatinous diaper innards.

Perfect for all sorts of boo-boos.

WhenI told one of my patients’ mom about this hint today, she told me thatshe used a number 5 diaper when her water broke.  I suppose Plato wasright , necessity is the mother of invention.

Naline Lai, MD

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  • Reply Linda October 25, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    My water broke at home and I also used a diaper for the 45 minute car ride. I lined the seat with towels but the diaper did the job. My husband found it funny though when we got to the triage area and I had to show the nurse that my water had broken and she saw the Loony Tunes characters in my pants!

  • Reply Karen March 1, 2011 at 12:39 am

    After giving birth to my son, I used his swaddlers as an ice pack to help ease the pain I was feeling. It was much more effective than the cheap useless ice packs the hospital provided and lasted a lot longer to.

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